Typhoid ilaj in hindi

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typhoid ilaj in hindi

He gets angry on very small smal I had been in relationship with a girl for 3 years. Now we broke up Related Health Tips. All about Hypersexuality This bacterial infection causes high fever and gastrointestinal problems.

People usually get typhoid through the consumption of contaminated water or food. The symptoms can range from body ache to the loss of appetite. Major reasons responsible for typhoid can be poor sanitation and unhygienic conditions. The high fever can reach up to degrees Fahrenheit; one may need to get admitted in the hospital if the fever is not brought down by medicines. A typhoid vaccine can help prevent a person from getting infected by the bacteria for a few years but it is still necessary to eat healthy and nutritional food which is free from any kind of infection.

Typhoid is caused by Salmonella Typhi. Contaminated water and food are leading causes of typhoid fever. Read here to know the symptoms and prevention steps you need to follow. Risk of typhoid fever can be minimized by taking typhoid vaccine, typhim. The vaccine may may have some side effects and may cause some allergic reactions like fever or nausea. Diseases like typhoid often lead to dehydration; therefore, the patient should at all times keep themselves hydrated by drinking lots of fluids.

It also provides the required nutrients to boost the immune system and fight the bacterial infection. It contains antioxidants and acts as blood purifier. However, it is should be consumed raw or semi-cooked to make the most of its benefits.

Basil is a popular herb which eases inflammation and joint pains which are common with home remedies for typhoid fever. It is also included in many Ayurvedic medicines and is said to cure many diseases including malaria. The antibacterial properties of basil help in removing the bacteria that causes typhoid.

It brings high fever down as it draws out heat from the body of the person suffering from typhoid. It contains minerals which are extremely important for a person who is sick and is losing nutrients because of diarrhea.

A person down with typhoid suffers from high fever which stays for days; therefore, it is very important to maintain a normal body temperature. However, the water used in this process should not be too cold and the cloth should be changed from time to time for best results. Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only.

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Thyroid ka ilaj ke 10 Aasan Upay- Ayurvedic Treatment in Hindi

View All. Related Lab Tests. Widal Test Slide Agglutination Test. Widal Test Tube Agglutination Test. Stool Routine Test. Related Questions. Sir my sister daughter 12 year old. I am 32 year girl. I suffered from Typh My son 20 year old and he is suffering from typhoid. Treatment star I am suffering from typhoid since past few days. Syphilis acquiring hiv or not and after 5 months getting treatment A old lady is suffering from diabetes and hepatitis in that situati Hello Doctor sir.

I have hepatitis A. What effect it can cause in body.Jab is harmon ka balance bigadta hai tab ye bimari ka roop le leta hai. Is article mein hum janenege thyroid treatment in hindi. Thyroid maanspeshiyo, haddiyo, cholesterol aur heart ko bhi parbhavit karti hai.

Bacho mein ye bimari hone se kai baar shareer failna shuru ho jata hai aur lambayi height badhni ruk jati hai. Thyroid 2 parkar ka hota hai — Hypothyroid aur Hyperthrroid. Thyroid hamari body ka ek aisa hissa hai jo body ke dusre hisso ko ache se kaam karne mein madad karti hai. Iske liye thyroid iodine ka paryog karti hai taaki jarurat ke anusar harmons ko bana sake aur shareer ke dusre hisso mein pahuncha sake. Jab ye harmon jarurat se jada ya fir kam banane lage tab thyroid ke upchar ki jarurat hoti hai.

Thyroid ki samasya hone par vyakti depression mein rehne lagta hai aur uska kisi kaam mein man bhi nahi lagta. Dimag ki sochne samajhne ki shakti kamjor hone lagti hai aur yaddasht bhi kamjor ho jati hai.

Agar sahi samay par is bimari ko pehchan liya jaye to isse badhne se roka ja sakta hai. Thyroid ke treatment ke liye hari dhaniya ko pees kar chatni bana le aur 1 chammach chatni 1 glass pani mein ghol kar pi jaye.

Har bar is upay ko karne ke liye taaji chatni hi paryog mein laye. Dhaniya aesa hona chahiye jiski sugandh achi ho. Is gharelu upay ko niyamit roop se karne par thyroid control ho jayega. Akhroat aur badam mein selenium namak tatav hota hai jo thyroid ka ilaj karne mein faydemand hai. Isse gale ki sujan bhi kam hone lagti hai. Ye upay hypothyroid ki samasya mein adhik fayda karta hai.

Subh khali pet lauki ka juice, gehu ke javare ka juice piye. Iske baad 1 glass paani mein 25 se 30 ml aloevera juice aur 2 boond tulsi ki daal kar piye. Is sab ke baad aadhe ghante tak kuch khaye piye nahi aur pranayam kare. Thyroid ke upchar mein kali mirch ka paryog bahut faydemand hota hai. Kaali mirach aap kisi bhi tarike se le aapko fayda hi karegi.

Thyroid se pidit vyakti ko apni diet mein vitamin A ki maatra jada leni chahiye. Hari sabjiyo mein vitamin A jada hota hai. Gajjar mein bhi vitamin A adhik hota hai jo thyroid ko balance karne mein help karta hai. Thyroid se grast vyakti ko din mein v3 se 4 litre paani jarur pina chahiye, ye shareer ko detoxify karke body se vishale padarth bahar nikalne mein madad karta hai. Iske sath 1 se 2 glass fruit juice bhi piye aur hafte mein 1 din nariyal paani bhi piye.

Thyroid ko control karne ke liye iodine kaafi kargar hai par hum aapko salah denge ki natural iodine jada le jese ki pyaaj, tamatar aur lehsun. Har roj kam se kam aadhe ghante ke liye exercise jarur kare.We don't support your browser.

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5 Best Home Remedies For Typhoid Fever

I am suffering from typhoid and shortness of breath. I'm not able to climb stairs. A drastic weight loss has happened from 52 kg to 46 kg in nearly 2 months.

With low level of haemoglobin. Gynaecologist, Shimla. I am sorry to hear about your concern but will be happy to assist you. Symptoms of typhoid fever include headaches, stomach pain, and high fever. On rare occasions, these infections can affect the brain resulting in serious neurological symptoms s Recently I have suffered with typhoid.

Currently I am feeling pain in chest neck and shoulder. Please tell why it is happening. And what is problem.

typhoid ilaj in hindi

Ajeya Ukadgaonkar. Cardiologist, Aurangabad. Hello, it is difficult to say the exact cause of pain without more details from you.

टॉ़यफायड बुखार – Typhoid Fever Meaning in Hindi

Post fever chest pain can be due to pleuritis or pericarditis that is inflammation of outer covering of your chest organs. It can also be due to gastric reflux an Good morning sir. Pls I have been having some irregular light headache for some days now and my stomach makes some noise.

Serious noise similar to sound when someone passes gas from anus. Before now I did a culture test and it came out that I had typhoid and styphyloccocus which I have treated with streptomycin and mist potassium citrate. During the typhoid I used to have stomach bite which has stopped after all the streptomycin injections I took. My problem right now is the headache and stomach noise.

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Sunil Kumar Sharma. Psychologist, Delhi.

Typhoid Fever in Kids and Its Treatment Bacho Ma Typhoid Ka Ilaj Elaj Urdu Hindi Safety Precaution

Reconfirm that infection is cured by retest. This sound is due to gas which happens as antibiotics disturbs intestinal bacteria. Headache is due to gastric disturbance. Take probiotic drinks and vizylac once a day after dinner. This will get ok. I have a blood test in a private lab. The test report is not detected. Please give me the answer sir. K V Anand. Psychologist, Palakkad. Hello and welcome to Lybrate.Bukhar aur khas kar ke viral bukhar season ke badalne par aasaani se lag jaata hai.

Aise me log disprin aur metacin khaa ke aaraam paane ka sochte hai. Magar unhe yeh dhyan me rakhna hoga ki virus ke saamne koi dawai ka asar nahin hota hai. Bukhar me tapmaan badh jaata hai. Towel ko paani me bhigo ke sharir ko poche taaki tapmaan kam ho. Mathe par pote rakhe. Alu ko sirke me bhigo ke sharir par ghisne se aur maathe par ghise to bhi bukhar me raahat milega. Aur allopathic dawai se sharir ko nuksan pahunchta hai.

Sadharan bukhar me yeh sabhi gharelu nuskhe for fever in Hindi jo bataye hai vohi kaam karenge. Magar yeh bhi dhyan me rakhe ki kai baar bukhar koi gehri bimari ka lakshan ho sakta hai. Infection ho jaaye, mausam badle, jyaada parishram kare ya neend aur aaram kam le to bukhar ka karan ho sakte hai. Sharir me koi bhi infection ho, chahe bacterial ho ya viral, to sharir us ka pratikar karti hai aur natija hai ki bukhar ke lakshan pragat hote hai.

Aise me bukhar ke ayurvedic nuskhe apnaye. Inse sharir me se kitanu ka nash hoga aur toxins nikal jaayenge aur pratikarak shakti badhega. In teeno me vishesh anti-bacterial aur anti-viral tatva hai. Saath me anti-oxidant gun bhi hai. To aap chaay banaye thodi chay patti ke saath aur us me kuchle hue pudina, tulsi aur adrak thodasa kali mirch ke saath ubale.

Is mein nimbu ka ras aur shahad mila ke piye din me 3 baar to aaraam milega. Sadharan fever ke gharelu ilaj me ek uttam nuskha hai ki aap kuch dawai na khaaye aur aahar bhi na le. Bas, aaram kare aur so jaaye aur upvas kare kam se kam ek din ke liye. Sirf garam pani aur nimbu ka ras piye. Din me baar aisa kare. Viral infection ho jaaye aur bechaini lage to laung ka powder, dalchini powder aur yashtimadhu powder ko shahad aur thoda kala mirch powder ke saath mila ke goli banaye aur din bhar chooste rahe.

Neend na aaye aise haalat ho to is me jaiphal churna mila le. Yeh viral aur sardi jukham bukhar me kaam karta hai. Neem uttam aushadh hai fever ke gharelu ilaj ke liye. Is me haldi milaye to aur bhi behtar hoga. Bukhar se bachne ke liye soup banaye pyaaj, lehsun aur hara mirch ka. Chahe to is me thoda sa alu aur cheese daale aur is ka sevan kare to bukhar se jaldi recovery aayega. Upar thoda kala mirch powder chidak ke soup piye. Bukhar ke liye gharelu nuskhe me yeh nuskha avashya try kare.

Lehsun ka paste banaye aur sarson ke tel me daal ke thode der tak ubale.The Half Engineer. Header Ads Widget. Dosto Typhoid ek infectious yane ki sankramik aant aur pet ki bimari hai jo Salmonella Typhi bacteria ke kaaran hota hai.

Dosto aapko bta de ki yeh bacteria aahar aur pani ke marg sharir me dakhil hota hai aur fir is bacteria ke sharir me multiplication ho ke lahu dwara liver me failne se gambhir haalat ho sakti hai agar samaysar upay na kiya jaaye to. Niche hum aapko kuch khas lakshan bta rhe hai. Dosto Salmonella typhi bacteria paani aur aahar dwara failta hai aur mooh ke dwara sharir mein dakhil ho ke pet me aur fir aant me jaata hai jahan se voh khoon me pravesh kar ka sharir ke anya bhag aur organs mein pahunch jaata hai.

Aapko typhid me bhut dyan rakhna hota hai. Dosto aapko bta de ki pehle bukhar aata hai aur sharir par chaale ya fode gulabi rang ke pad jaate hai, khas kar ke pet aur gardan par. Is ke saath kabz, pet me dard, bukhar aur dast aur ulti bhi ho sakta hai. Aapke pet aur aant me holes ho jaa sakte hai aur yeh khatarnak haalat hai. Dosto jab bukhar sadharan aspirin se nahin utarta hai to is ka turant doctor se parikshan aur treatment karvana hota hai.

Dosto niche hum aapko kuch khas garelu nukshae bta rhe hai jo aapke bhut jyada kam aayenge.

typhoid ilaj in hindi

Typhoid me bukhar ke ilaj mein gaajar uttam hai. Gajar ka ras nikale aur mareez ko din me teen baar pilaye. Dosto aaap Gajar ka soup bana ke bhi diya jaata hai. Dosto typhoid bukhar ke gharelu upay mein lehsun kargaar hai.

Lehsun ki kali ko bhun le aur khali pet is ka sevan karvaye mareez se. Dosto Typhoid bukhar mein mareez ko bhook mit jaati hai. Aise mein use seb barik kaate aur us par adrak ka ras chidak de aur kali mirch ka powder mila ke khilaye to bukhar kam ho jayega.

इन घरेलू तरीकों से टाइफाइड बुखार को करें दूर, जल्दी स्वस्थ होने में मिलेगी मदद

Dosto aapko bta de ki Typhoid bukhar ka ayurvedic nuskha hai tulsi aur kali mirch. Tulsi ke patte ka ras nikale aur is ras me kali mirch powder mila ke mareez ko din mein teen baar pilaye. Kya aap jante hai Typhoid bukhar ka gharelu upchar me mareez ko paani hamesha peete rehna chahiye.